Begin Doing These Things Right Now.

We can’t think of one workplace that would not be affected in some way by the recent pandemic. There are measures we’ve all needed to take that are beyond our control, and that we would not necessarily have wanted to take given the choice. Times are tough and we are forced to adapt rapidly.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t give our employees the 4 most important things they need. 

As a company owner or a manager, you are also a leader. You’ve got the power and the platform to reach your employees and help them (and your business) through uncertain times.

So what do they need?

Funnily enough, employees all over the world need and want the same things. 

1)Trust. Be honest and open with your team in all your communication, and be sure to deliver on anything you promise. A trusting work relationship begins with a leader. It requires effort on both parts, and once established makes for smoother and more honest exchanges as well as a less stressful environment.

2) Stability. We know – this sounds difficult right now, but you can still provide at least some degree of stability. Again, this comes down to communication with your team – make sure they know what’s going on. Be ready to delegate alternative tasks during quiet times, or get them started on projects that have been put on the backburner. Don’t shy away from employees who ask you difficult questions about the future of the company.. avoidance strategies can be more harmful than the truth, but always remain professional about the time, place and method of your communication. 

3) Empathy and compassion. Let your employees see that behind the leader is a real person – someone they can relate to who can appreciate what they may be experiencing outside of work. This is a little trickier if you’re not sharing a workplace, but you can still set up virtual meetings to check in and offer support, even if all you do is listen and let them feel heard. 

You might also discover that they need altered schedules or office equipment to better perform in their roles that they may not feel comfortable to ask you for.

4) Hope. When you’re having difficulty providing stability, you can always give hope. After all, isn’t there a degree of hope that keeps you going as a leader during these times? Share some of that with your team..You might need to raise the bar a little here though, and extend yourself to sharing your own hopes and inspirations, especially if they include efforts or achievements made by your team that inspired you.  Share and celebrate everyone’s wins (big and small) with your team.  

These 4 seemingly small things can go a long way to reinforcing yourself as a leader, and a company that people will want to work for. If you commit to providing them now and in the future, you’ll also be working towards cementing great working relationships for the long term.