As we look ahead to 2021, reflections on the year we have witnessed both locally and internationally will be etched into our psyche forever.

Australian businesses of all sizes have seen changes no one predicted or forecast.

We are no different with our internal and temp teams at the forefront of ever changing days and weeks, assisting growth in some areas and redistribution in others.

Of the many changes to date I would say the defining component to rise from 2020 is the emphasis on people.

People. They are employers, employees, customers, friends and family.

At Dynamic our people are the temp staff who have seen the greatest changes to their workplaces during 2020.

The feedback from our temp people consists of a collaborative and more caring workplace environment.

Temp staff experiences have seen safety practices enhanced due to ever changing CovidSafe planning.

Reported health and wellbeing is front of mind for employers with all their staff including temp.

Notes of caution for employees temp or perm as we move into a predicted frantic December:

  • Don’t cut corners
  • Don’t rush
  • Be kind to all
  • We will support you
  • You’ve got this