World Listening Day was on July 18th this year. It is noted as a time of reflection, to take time to listen to the environment around you and soak up the sounds. We encourage you to grant yourself your own listening day this month when people get to hear you.

What will your message be when you take the platform?     This is your opportunity to let people know who you are and why you’re important to them.

In the current world of the COVID19 pandemic surrounding us, businesses are making changes. Companies are adapting to keep trading and spending more resources on post COVID projects and initiatives.
You’re likely to be working within a business shaping for a future not just of survival, but for growth and progression. Your voice, your ideas and your experience in your workplace are more prevalent now than ever before. The current pandemic might also mean you’ve found yourself unemployed and looking for your next job placement. In both circumstances you should feel empowered to make yourself be heard.

Nervous about speaking out?
The feeling of being in the spotlight is often shied away from. People have many good ideas and suggestions and often are never given the platform to speak up. It’s up to you to go out and claim it if it isn’t offered.

If you find yourself out of work you need to be heard. When you’re job hunting and meeting people for interviews, understand that you’re there because you are someone with the potential to be successful in that role. Your skills and knowledge are relevant, otherwise you wouldn’t be sitting in that interview. This is the time where you will be listened to, so are you prepared? The answer is yes! You are armed with all the information they want to hear. Deliver it to them confidently as they will be listening.

If you’re currently in the workplace, you might well be the person with the ideas to take the business forward. Your skills and knowledge are relevant otherwise you wouldn’t be in the role you currently have. This is the time where you should be listened to.
Is your employer prepared to listen? The answer is yes! That improvement, that gap in the process or that policy update is something your employer wants to hear about.

Whichever scenario you find yourself in, prepare to be listened to.

Following these steps will offer an essential guide to get your voice heard:

  • Understand your skills and experiences are valuable.
  • Plan for the outcome you want.
  • Lead with the facts and leave emotion out.
  • Take any supporting research into your meetings.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Believe in your ideas

You have a voice, you have the stage, people are listening.