Just like your business, Dynamic Staffing Solutions also felt the  effects of the Covid 19 crisis.

We’re delighted that Dynamic has only gained in strength since the virus broke out, and although we were faced with some rather inconvenient truths, we paid attention to them and used them as an opportunity for change and betterment.

We took some time to re-evaluate Dynamic’s strengths and weaknesses and devise strong strategies to see us not only through the current situation, but also the after-effects which are still yet to be fully experienced.

Now that we’re some way towards returning to normal, and have had time to test our strategies, we’re sharing our most successful ones with you.

Strategy #1 Start with why

In a climate where many companies unfortunately didn’t survive the Covid 19 crisis, we went right back to basics. We asked ourselves why our business existed, and why it deserved to continue to exist. These hard hitting questions were asked of the entire team in an open meeting in an attempt to bring everyone together and highlight the importance of our business.

Once we defined and clarified the ‘why’, we were able to strengthen our resolve and dissipate any fear of the future. Using our ‘why’ as a building block enabled us to rebuild strong foundations for everything we do. (policies, procedures, scripts etc)

Strategy #2  Contingency plan

It’s frightening how many businesses (big and small) operate without any backup plans.

We have contingency plans already in place for certain events, and we review them annually but we never planned for something like Covid 19. We ended up pulling out all our plans and adapting them to suit our needs. The Covid 19 contingency plan was assessed on a week to week basis as the crisis unfolded and it required a lot of effort and input, but now as we come out of lockdown and return to some normality, we feel prepared for just about anything!

Strategy #3 Stay within your means

It’s amazing how quickly a business adapts during a crisis to prioritise essential expenses and review other expenditures. We assessed our spend on everyday necessities and made sure we were getting the best deals – think stationery, suppliers, cleaners and service providers. We’ve now made it a bi-annual task to review our expenses and assess our options.

Strategy #4 Transparency

We made sure we communicated with our team often and effectively. We talked about our short and long term strategies in open meetings and invited collaboration from staff. While the ultimate decisions always lie with a director, our team benefited from being included in strategies and the decision-making process.

Allocate some time with your team, and adapt our proven strategies to suit your needs. 

A contingency plan is essential for all businesses. Make yours work for you, revisit it regularly, and hopefully it’s something you’ll never have to use.