People are always surprised to hear which month has the most activity for staffing and recruitment requirements. Most of us assume that December is the busiest time of the year – that companies are ready to begin the new year with newly created roles, and additional staff.    

Actually, February records the highest degree of movement between roles. The February marketplace is abundant for both businesses and candidates with new roles being advertised and candidates ready to start the job search. 


Most businesses return throughout the month of January in different stages from the 1st week  through to the 3rd week depending on annual leave, closure around public holidays and workload.  It’s not uncommon for management to return before the bulk of the staff to prepare and plan, while providing a longer break for remaining staff.. 

Management will likely spend January reviewing the previous year’s financials and planning the 1st & 2nd quarter or year ahead. Typically they’re identifying business requirements and goals which may result in creation of new roles, or the need for extra staff (especially if any have resigned).


Most candidates are required to take annual leave over the holiday season and will spend time with family, take a holiday, or simply rest and recharge until January rolls around. Depending on the company, 

Over the break, candidates usually have ample time away from their work environment to assess their career and identify reasons to make a change.  Unfortunately, most resignations around this time of year are due to feelings of discontent in their job. A lack of leadership, poor management practices, promises not being honoured or low workplace morale are big contenders here. Alternatively, candidates may just be seeking promotion or greater opportunity elsewhere.

Candidates typically spend time in January updating their resume, networking, and perusing employment websites. By early February, most companies have posted ads for new roles which ties in nicely for candidates with a view to resign and move on in February.  It’s also quite common for staff to give notice during the January holiday, opting to use all or a portion of annual leave as their notice period.


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