On average today’s interview process will take between 4 – 6 weeks depending on the position and the required skill sets.

This is a basic guideline of the recruitment process a recruitment organisation will follow:

  • The company will provide initial job brief to the recruitment agency
  • The recruitment agency will advertise the job via various social media platforms
  • Candidates will enquire about the role and send an application within a set time frame
  • Resumes are shortlisted by experience, skills, attributes, education and narrowed to a set number of potential applicants
  • Telephone screen interview with the selected candidates
  • Candidates that are suitable will then be chosen for the interview stage with the recruitment agency
  • Candidates resume with a profile brief will be emailed to a company for a potential interview
  • The company will select 3 – 5 candidates for interviews (3 on average)
  • The potential candidate can undergo computer testing, personality profile, medicals (drug & alcohol), police check (not all organisations)
  • The recruitment agency will conduct (2) reference checks by two former employer managers and submit to the company
  • The recruitment agency will negotiate with the successful candidate and company for a mutual outcome
  • Letter of offer and employment contract sent to the candidate