Christmas time is upon us, and everyone’s preparing for a season of food, drink and family time. But if you’re having to work throughout the festive period, you might not be quite as excited. That is, before you realise the many upsides of avoiding the Christmas rush.

The festive season can be the most stressful time of the year, especially when it comes to financial matters for families, children, partners, holidays, mortgages. To make sure you’re seeing the positives, here are 4 reasons to work over the Holiday period. 


For example, if you have an extended family you probably have several parties you’re basically forced to attend. Although abundant amounts of food, presents, TV and music are enough to make you look forward to Christmas all year – not everything about it brings quite so much expectation.

The terrific news is, if you’re working over the festive season – you basically get a get-out-of-jail-free card for all the compulsory gatherings you dread. No one’s going to make you to stay out late when they know you’ve got work the next day!


If you work in an office, you might be one of the few people that come in during the festive period. This could be the perfect time to catch up on work with no interruptions.

Peace and Quiet – You’ll get to enjoy a few days without any colleagues or unnecessary requirement. In theory no one’s around to tell you to turn your music down, mess with the heater / air-conditioned, use up all the milk, clean up the dirty dishes or put the bins outs. 

So, eat with your mouth open, wear what you want, clutter your desk, listen to Christmas songs (All I want for Christmas – Mariah Carey is a good one!) and disco like no one’s watching. 


Financial gain – Cashflow is Key! This is a win win this time of year as Christmas time can be costly. This can help you get a leg up in a forever struggling economy. 


With businesses scarce of staff from around now, it may mean you can find somewhere to sit on your usually packed train or bus with freedom on the roads. It gives you the chance to listen to the loudest, most annoying music you have on your playlist, to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do on your way to work. Feet up? Quiet kip? Reach your destination quicker, not having someone’s fall asleep on you on the train, open the paper without hitting anyone in the face.

Have a safe and prosperous Festive season and a Happy New Year! 

We all look forward to 2020 – Stay Safe!